O U R   B R A N D S


Label Established in 2009

Outdoor Survival Canada was created to meet the demand for a high quality functional coat for extreme conditions.  Rated for –40 degrees °C/°F, it is the go-to parka whether for expedition – wearing in the South Pole, or for battling the chilly streets of Quebec or New York. OSC Parkas provide a unique combination of warmth and waterproofness that is not commonly found in down outerwear.


 Label established in 2008

The M coat is a unique, convertible 3-in-1 jacket that goes from being a fashionable Maternity coat; to a hip Mama coat, and back to a regular fitting Myself Coat. For the individual that appreciates a Canadian-made down garment who sees no reason to compromise her standards, no matter what stage of motherhood! *Winner of the ACCE award 2009*


Label Established in 1996

Canadian Spirit Downwear (CDN Spirit) - is our first brand that has clothed thousands of individuals in local markets. A true testament to good value and good wearing, it’s not unusual to still see a 20 year old garment on the streets of Toronto!  

Label Established in 2011

OSC Cross is the “sister label” of OSC – A cross over into a more urban market.  Hip; Fashionable; Fun; Functional.  Discerning styling coupled with our famous Made in Canada focus. OSCX speaks to the Millennial looking for understated form and reliability.   



Label Established in 2001

The top luxury Johnny Yiu down outerwear label is a commitment to craft, structure and feminine shapes. Canada’s Coat Couture is built on glamour without sacrificing warmth.  Johnny Yiu exudes an elegant class of its own – a Show Stopper in its own right. 


Duvet Comfort Inc. Company Established in 1985

From time to time when production capacity permits, we do entertain Private Label programs for down products.  In our 30 year history of manufacturing, we’ve touched on most other outerwear brands out there in one capacity or another.